Are you wondering how to lose weight and keep it off?

Are you struggling to lose weight and keep it off?

Do you jump from one diet to another, looking for the ‘secret’ to long-term weight loss?

Is your weight holding you back from living confidently?

Most people looking to lose weight embark on a restrictive diet and a grueling workout regime in a bid to shift the kilos.

But there is a better way.

What we do

We help business owners, high-achievers and career professionals, achieve permanent weight loss and build confidence without the pain of dieting and wasting time at the gym.

We help you create and implement a clear plan to help you confront your fears and habits that have led you to be overweight in the first place.

We cut through all the fad diets and gimmicks, and remove all the confusion about how to lose weight.

Most importantly, we give you the knowledge, system, tools and skills that are scientifically proven, to help you stay on track with your goals, no matter what the situation.




How we do it

We address your habits and beliefs

Most diets and even 6- and 12-week challenges only focus on losing weight. But after the diet or the challenge ends, most people gain the weight they lost, plus more!

This is because they haven’t dealt with the habits and beliefs that have led them to become overweight in the first place. Until you change your mindset, no amount of dieting, exercising or shredding programs will lead to long-term weight loss.

We help you change your habits so you can have the body you crave.

We focus on accountability

Motivation may get you started, but what happens when you get bored, or you don’t see instant results? Most of the time you quit, right?

Instead of motivating you, we help you build accountability.

Because when you’re accountable you increase the odds of reaching your goals by 95%!

We take it one step at a time 

Many other diet or exercise programs want you to overhaul your entire life and change many things at once. For example, you might be told to cut sugar from your diet, stop drinking alcohol, eat more vegetables, prep your food, get more sleep, and exercise every day. This becomes overwhelming and causes many people to quit before they even get started. 

Instead of getting you to change everything at once, we work on one thing at a time. This removes the overwhelm, and will lead to better progress and long-term success.

How we're different 

We don't work with everyone

We only work with a handful of people every year, and we don’t work with everyone. If you’re well and truly ready for change, we promise to help you make the hard choices you’ve avoided your whole life, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

But you have to be ready to invest in yourself physically, emotionally and financially.

We don't believe in quick-fixes

Unlike a diet which often only focuses on how you look, we focus on how you look, feel and function whilst empowering you to change your habits, your mindset and confidence. We won’t get you to ‘go on a diet’, nor will we punish you with gruelling workouts. Instead, we’ll teach you how to change your lifestyle so you will naturally lose weight, become fitter and healthier, and improve your confidence.   

We believe in 'less is more'

Many other weight loss programs are complex. They focus on ‘macros’, ‘counting calories’, or cutting out food groups. We show you how to eat lots of food, without counting a single calorie, and only exercise a handful of hours each week. In short, we show you how to lose weight and keep it off, by working smarter, not harder.

Our program is holistic

Unlike a diet, our program is a complete process that creates a life changing process and constructs the correct environment for permanent change. Our program will help you develop habits around mindset, discipline, nutrition and exercise that will enable you to grow in confidence, live the life you want to live, and have the body you’ve always wanted.

Our program is personalised

Most diets take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach, which doesn’t help you lose weight and keep it off. Instead, we understand that you’re unique, so your coaching program must be unique. We champion a person-centred approach, where we develop your nutrition and training program based on your needs and your goals. And we won’t make you eat anything you don’t like!

We support each other

Imani Tribe is not a gym. We are a close-knit community that supports each other and celebrates our wins together. 

We believe everyone needs a Safe Haven. Somewhere to turn to, to feel safe, secure, and loved.

For many of us, that place is IMANI TRIBE COMMUNITY.


This is not a cheap quick-fix or fad diet.

It will require you to invest in yourself. It will require sacrifice and work.

But the results will be worth it.

If you’re ready to join us, fill out your application now.



Our mission is to empower and educate our clients to enhance their overall long-term health, fitness and quality of life, by incorporating sustainable mindset, fitness, and nutrition philosophies as part of their daily habits.

Why Imani?

“Without Imani, victory is not possible.”

Imani means faith.

Imani is beauty.

Imani means sexy.

Imani means badass.

Imani means love.

Imani means the best way of doing things.

Imani means courageous.


Confidence is a daily habit of courage.

The courage to take the step that you are scared to take.

Courage to be yourself in a room full of people even though some people won’t like you.

Courage to live your purpose and passion.

Courage to follow your heart.

Courage to take a leap into the unknown and trust your guts.

Courage to shine and not let anyone dull your sparkle.

Courage to step up even when it seems everyone is pulling you down.

Courage to let go of things and people that don’t believe in you.

Courage to wake up and do the hard things.

Courage to not avoid the hard conversations.

Courage to be your true authentic self, one challenging step at a time.

Even when everything and everyone is against you the courage to show up as you, even if you are shaking and scared.

That’s IMANI.

Imani is the missing link between who we are and the best that we can be.

Most people never fulfil their potential or live their life to the fullest not because of lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but because they lack belief (IMANI) in themselves.

Most people live in a restricted circle of potential without finding their IMANI.

Don’t be like most people.

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