We help women & Men who want more than a good body build confidence to improve the quality of their life & live life to their full potential without the pain of unsustainable dieting & spending hours at the gym.

By cutting through all the fad diets & gimmicks ‘BS’, getting rid of all the confusion & implementing our gimmick free scientifically proven complete process programs that constructs the correct environment for permanent change & removes the limiting factor that prevents success to get you results fast, while giving you knowledge, systems, tools & skills - solutions for any situation, every single day to ensure you keep your hard work for life.

Whether your goal is to shed kilos of body fat, create a firm shapely body brimming with vitality or build strong muscles & rock-hard abs without unnecessary & unsustainable dieting & over exercising (Think twice a day or even everyday).

We help people escape the pain of YO-YO weight loss, dieting & being starved to lose weight, or punished in the gym for fast results.

We do not believe in starving you to lose weight, or punishing you in the gym for fast results. 

We believe in sustainable change. 

"Our mission is to Empower & Educate our clients to enhance their overall long term health, fitness, and quality of life, by incorporating sustainable mindset, fitness, nutrition philosophies as a part of their daily habits."

Most people never fulfill their potential or live their life to the fullest not because of lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but a lack of belief (IMANI) in themselves. Or put another way, too little self-confidence.

Most people live in a restricted circle of potential  without finding their IMANI.

Is your lack of self confidence (IMANI) limiting you from experiencing LOVE & LIFE?

Think avoiding social events, not being able to wear or fit into the clothes you would love to wear, not being able to experience the things you would love to experience with your loved ones, always covering up, always avoiding pictures even when holidays, always attracting toxic relationships, always buying clothes without trying them on, hates looking at yourself in the mirror or can’t just be your authentic self in any way, sounds familiar?

Our vision is to create a confident world wide IMANI TRIBE that lives life to their full potential.

We believe less is more! Yes you can achieve the body of your dreams by doing less with more focus instead of doing more with less focus. 

Because no matter how great the work outs are, even 5 or 6 of them every single week only constitutes a relatively small portion of your time, not more than 3 or 4% of the entire week.

The key aspect that makes or breaks your results from exercise resides in the other 96% - the time you don’t spend exercising. Remember, that’s over 160 hours a week!

Nutrition is a major aspect of the other 96% that really determines your results.

Nutrition is never about food but about what a person has grown up with, their beliefs, emotional connections, prior perceptions & experiences about what is “good”, “bad” or “unhealthy”, what is comfortable or normal.

This explains why a lot of people are stuck in a rut.

Because most people are too busy focussing on training & “eating clean” but not addressing & changing the habits & beliefs that got them there in the first place.


We are experts at simplifying body transformations and solving all the problems why people fail to achieve the body of their dreams like..


Too often people read advanced programmes and despite never having trained before, think you need to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli and train 2 hours a day in order to lose fat. It simply isn't the case.


You can stick to a diet and training plan for 2 weeks, but ultimately you don't see instant results and then switch to something else or give up.


You follow your diet for 4 days a week, then fall off for 3 at the weekend and get disheartened when you don't reach your goals. (consistency trumps intensity)


Who should you trust? It seems "experts" don't agree most of the time. With the latest fad promising crazy results, it seems impossible to wade through the confusing and conflicting advice out there.


You’ve seen an impressive six pack or perky glutes on Instagram and you think about signing up to their super-duper online training course. If you’ve done that and you’re happy with the service, then you can join a very small group of people.

The one-woman/ man bands of online fitness are notoriously unreliable and usually all that you get is a copy and paste plan that’s fit for no one.

At Imani Fitness, we really are different because we only work with a handful of people every year so you are just not another number & we promise to help you make the hard choices that you have avoided your whole life hence being here, you don’t have to hope that you get a great service, you can expect a great service.

Unlike a diet, our program is a complete process that creates a life changing process & constructs the correct environment for permanent change & removes the limiting factor that prevents success by giving you knowledge, strategies, systems, tools & skills - solutions for any situation, every single day that ensure sustainable long term results.

We believe that a healthy outside starts from the inside & our bodies are a reflection of not only what we physically consume, but also what we feed our MINDS.

Therefore if you don’t like your body, then you need to change both your eating habits, AND your mental habits for a successful and long term body transformation.

We understand that every individual is unique & therefore every coaching programme has to be unique.

We champion a person centred approach & masterfully design plans that enable you go far beyond achieving your goals.

We find your goals & WHY!

Then we give you STRUCTURE (What to do when & how) & ACCOUNTABILITY (Being answerable to us to make sure you are making the hard choices that you have avoided making your entire life & has gotten you to this point today)



With DATA we can read & assess patterns of your beliefs, mindset, nutrition, training, metabolism, habits & where you have gone wrong in the past, then provide you with the best plan specific to you & your goals & continue to   tweak & refine your plan by replacing the things that don’t work for you with the things that work.

Our clients are but not limited to Women and men around 30-50 years old who;

Are sick & tired of quick fixes & not living life to their full potential not because of lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but lack of belief in themselves. Or put another way, too little self-confidence(IMANI).

Who want more than just a good body.

Who are always hiding, you hide away from social events, family photos, holiday photos, social media photos or anything that exposes your weaknesses.

Who take care of everyone else but themselves.

Who have stopped living their passion & can no longer or no longer do the things that interest used to interest them.

Who struggle to say NO to things & people that don’t serve them.

Whose lack of self worth is affecting their relationships, business & life.

Who have lost sight of themselves & being honest about who they are and what they really want is so hard, painful and confusing that they instead chose to focus on your work.

Who are wonderful at a lot of things but struggle putting themselves first & asking for help because they just don’t know how, maybe think asking for help is a weakness or they just don’t need it & can do it all by themselves.

Who are using, over working, helping everyone else but themselves, materialistic things, food, alcohol, wine, the next new quick fix diets in the market, unnecessary events, over working, drugs, over exercising, sex or any other temporary gratification to distract themselves from the real underlying issues they should be addressing & to fill & cover up the voids in their life.

Who are sick of not living their life to their full potential because they are restricted with their lack of self confidence & can’t be their authentic self.

Who are always defensive & take things personally because of their insecurities.

Who are sick & tired of pouring from an empty cup, blocking their emotions, not asking for help when they need it most & the endless efforts of trying to cover up the void in their life with over working themselves, helping everyone else but themselves, materialistic things, alcohol, wine & always searching the next quick fix diets in the market to fill your void.

Who are always tired, run down & sick, always busy, unorganised, unproductive, hardly ever at home, always stressed, always running out of time, hardly gets 6hrs of sleep & always skipping meals.

Who block their emotions & run away from their problems by distracting themselves by helping everyone else & over working.

Who are too busy filling everyone’s empty bucket to distract themselves & make themselves feel good about their empty bucket. They run on an empty tank.

Who have tried several meal plans or special "diets" that didn't seem to work at all.

Who have been to the gym consistently but can't seem to lose fat.

Who have been through fitness programs with little to no results.

Who may have got some results with a personal trainer or group classes, but the weight came straight back on when they stopped getting o their sessions.

Who compare themselves to other people worse than them to make themselves feel better about their situation.

Who don’t want to eat plain food and don't want to train excessively in order to achieve your fitness goals.

Who feel like everything they try isn't sustainable.

We are more than a gym because we work very closely with you to identify where you’ve gone wrong in the past, your sabotaging habits that keeps holding you back & focus on where you have got it wrong in the past and provide real solutions to achieving a permanent body & mind transformation.

Pills, fad diets, shakes, meal plans, fasting, meal replacements/ shakes diets, Lemon detox, cleansing, training more and eating less, 28 day challenges and 12 week challenges do not provide the real life solutions to your habits that are holding you back, in fact if they did you wouldn't hop from one to another.

Unlike a diet which often only focus on how you look, we focus on how you LOOK, FEEL & FUNCTION whilst empowering you to change your habits, your mindset and CONFIDENCE.

We educate you on the understanding of motivation and how to develop discipline in your life.

We hold you accountable and provide you structure to staying committed long term.

When you are ready, we provide accountability and empowerment to change your habits and create discipline, confidence and focus on your life to achieve the sexy, confident and fit body that you crave.

Our programs are developed where we can help you at any point in your journey world wide.

We believe everyone needs a Safe Haven. Somewhere to turn to, to feel safe, secure, and loved.

For many of us, that place is IMANI TRIBE COMMUNITY

When we don't feel like we belong, are loved or supported we don't function as we are meant to. We break. We fall apart. We numb. We ache. We hurt others. We give up. We hate the journey.

This is why we are very protective of the IMANI VIBE, & we understand that it’s not for everyone therefore we are very selective of our TRIBE & just don't let anyone in our community.

We create a welcoming environment that treats everyone with respect & makes sure everyone feels safe face-to-face & online despite their race, religion, culture, sexual orientations, gender or identity.  


“Without Imani, victory is not possible.”

Imani means faith.

Imani is Confidence.

Imani is beauty.

Imani means sexy.

Imani means badass.

Imani means love.

Imani means the best way of doing things.

Imani means courageous.


Confidence is a daily habit of courage.

The courage to take the step that you are scared to take.

Courage to be yourself in a room full of people even though some people won’t like you.

Courage to live your purpose and passion.

Courage to follow your heart.

Courage to take a leap into the unknown and trust your guts.

Courage to shine & not let anyone dull your sparkle.

Courage to step up even when it seems everyone is pulling you down.

Courage to let go of things & people that don’t believe in you.

Courage to wake up and do the hard things.

Courage to not avoid the hard conversations.

Courage to be your true authentic self one challenging step at a time.

Even when everything & everyone is against you the courage to show up as you, even if you are shaking & scared.

That’s IMANI.

Imani is the missing link between who we are and the best that we can be.

Most people never fulfill their potential or live their life to the fullest not because of lack of intelligence, opportunity or resources, but a lack of belief (IMANI) in themselves. Or put another way, too little self-confidence.

Most people live in a restricted circle of potential  without finding their IMANI.

Think of something you have always wanted to do but have avoided because you fear it could be embarrassing.

Maybe it’s wearing a bikini & joining your kids for fun in the pool or at the beach, saying yes to attending a social event or maybe it’s driving in the city for the first time.

Now clear your mind and give it a go because It’s not only vital to your future success, but failing to take a risk and having a go can ultimately put the confidence you have now at risk. 

That is… If you don’t use it, you lose it!

Find your IMANI!

A shy girl from Melbourne Australia and a skinny boy from the east coast of Africa fell in love with fitness and it changed their lives and showed them their Imani.

One day life happened and they fell in love. Together they have a vision to change the lives of at least 1million people directly & indirectly.

Through fitness, education & empowerment’ we want you to be a part of our Imani tribe and discover your best. Discover your imani.

Any gym or trainer can make you lose weight, but not every trainer will empower and educate you on how to maintain your new health and fat loss results long term.

When you become a member if Imani Fitness, you will become a part of our Ohana/ family. No one is left behind and everyone will be by your side and happy for your success.

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We are a supportive community that creates a welcoming environment that treats everyone with respect & makes sure everyone feels safe face-to-face & online despite their race, religion, culture, sexual orientations, gender or identity but just don't  take our word for it, here's what our members have to say;

But don't just take our word for it, here is what our world wide Imani Tribe members are saying about us!

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