20 Feb, 2017

10 reasons why people in business should look after their health & fitness

Mel Oliech

In Australia, it is very common for us to put our work and business before our health. 

This doesn’t make sense. Because with better health, we have more time, energy and confidence which improves how we function in and outside of our business.

Many people in small business crave more energy, more time and would pay for more confidence, yet they have a real road block to start working on their health, fitness & wellbeing.

Below is a list of 10 reasons why someone in business or a business person would benefit from prioritising their health and wellbeing.

  1. You will gain more energy. Having an exercise routine not only promotes more energy throughout the day, it also encourages you to eat better, follow a bed time routine which promotes more energy. The strengthening of the heart pumping oxygenated blood around the body improves energy. Scientists recommend the best ways to beat fatigue is to exercise.
  2. You will find more time for what is important. Not only can a structured and progressive exercise routine add years to your life and prevent chronic diseases, it is also fantastic at adding time to your day. How you ask? Having an exercise routine motivates you to be more disciplined. Discipline leads to less procrastination and action taking. You are more likely to get shit done! You are also more likely to say no to drama or things which do not serve you in your life keeping you focused on what is important.

  3. You will improve your self confidence. I’ve never seen anything that holds people back more from achieving goals than the level of their self confidence. Confidence is a super power. Hitting the gym, working with a trainer and progressively getting stronger, fitter and working on your confidence 3-4 times a week, you will feel the confidence grow in other areas of your life. A focused and structured exercise program and gym are like a metaphor for life. Every time you go to the gym, you build that confidence muscle. Plus, the better you look, function and feel the less your body and mindset insecurities will hold you back from making that big sale and stepping outside your comfort zone.

  4. Your sleep will improve and get more zzzzzz’s. A consistent exercise routine promotes a deeper sleep and helps you fall asleep quicker. It also encourages you to have a sleep routine, getting you to bed earlier. We all know what better sleep does for our businesses.

  5. You will develop more trust within your clients and customers. Clients and customers buy from people who they trust. Someone who looks after their health and is physically active lives a discipline life meaning they are more focused and can handle stressful situations better. They are better to work with and have more endurance and resilience. A good physical body is also attractive in a business relationship. People love and buy from a picture of health.

  6. You will improve your reaction to stressful situations. A training routine/habit enables you to cope better and react better to stressful situations. Training and the challenges you work through in training for a goal improve your mental health and ability to see the lesson or positive in a challenging or stressful situation.

  7. You will feel and be more focused. I’ve already said it, more energy, more discipline, better sleep and more confidence lead to more focus in your work, increasing productivity and reducing procrastination. A structured exercise routine encourages you to see the positive in challenges too.

  8. You will form better relationships with staff, family and friends. A stronger, more resilient and happier person is a better mother, father, friend, boss and business person. Better relationships flow into all areas of ones life.

  9. When you look after your health and fitness many other concerns fall into place. Sounds cliche but it’s true. Health really is wealth. You also teach other people in your life who look up to you as a role model to look after themselves.

  10. You will build your vitality, fountain of youth, a stronger immune system and endurance. Muscle mass is the fountain of youth. At the age of thirty we start to lose muscle mass every year and most adults lose 7kgs of muscle and replace that with a minimum of 15kgs of body fat. By maintaining or building muscle mass, your immune system will get stronger (less sick days= more productivity), more energy and endurance (more productivity), and you will feel vitality and your fountain of youth (more productivity.) Did I mention you will be more productive?

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