22 Mar, 2017

37 Tips To Help You Turn Your Intentions into a Lifestyle: From the Imani Fitness Transformation Team

Ronnie Oliech

1) Become a ninja in the kitchen and learn how to meal prep. Once the meals are done and in the fridge, you have less chance of eating other shit.

2) Split your shopping & prepping into 2 days if you find that you can't spare 1/2 a day in one block. Shop & chop on one day & prep the next one. 

3) Always go shopping with a list done & stick to it.

4) When writing a shopping list, bunch your items into groups such as fruit, greens, dairy, meat, legumes, frozen food etc so it's easier & quicker to find.

5) At the supermarket, load your items onto the checkout in the groups you'd normally unpack them. Makes life so much easier when you get home.

6) Have freezer bags of fruit & veg mixed & ready for your favourite LMS in the freezer. Then you just need to chuck it in the blender with protein & flax when you're in a hurry.

7) Always have at least 2 days worth of meals in the freezer. Will save your butt if you get sick or one of life's lil emergencies happen & you don't get to shop or prep in time.

8) Have your clothes picked for the next morning & laid out so you just need to jump out of bed & go in the morning.

9) Have you prep & post meals, protein & sups ready to go before you go to bed at night so you just need to grab them & race out the door in the morning.

10) Don't take the kids shopping with you if you can help it. They'll slow you down & stress you out. Do it when they're at school or asleep at night (if there's another adult home to watch them).

Never go shopping when you are hungry and ensure you have a list and plan of what ingredients you require- this stops buying unnecessary items and crap food that will lead you in to temptation!

11) Plan, Plan, plan, plan time each week for meal preparation, food shopping and top up shopping if needed, plan time to reflect and journal.

12) Be prepared with all meals and meal preparation- this can include meal planning, preparing food, shop & chop etc

13) Baby steps! don't try and do everything at once

14) Set SMART goals, know your WHY and continue to review it! 

15) Set daily intentions, journal feeling, reflections and progress etc 

16) Have faith that you have made the right decision to change your lifestyle.

17) Have all the right equipment and tools accessible and available to you e.g blender/nutrabullet, cooking utensils, cookbible, MP webpage etc

18) Be relentless- push through, have consistency and know every little bit of consistency, change or new habit created adds up in a big picture to form an amazing lifestyle.

Pina's alarm clock!

19) Do and maintain a food diary-  write how many meals you have, what you ate, what time, any food avertions or reactions, review and adust as needed or in accordance with progression and performance.

20) When you feel overwhelmed, have a look at where you started from, you’re further down the road than you think.

21) Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t get it right the first time. Keep trying.

22) Don’t compare yourself to others, do your own sh*t.

23) If you don’t like Almond milk, don’t persevere. Your bowels will thank you , so will your family. It’s not real milk anyway.

24) Get into a routine- Take small steps

25) Don’t expect results straight away. They will come when you put in the work.

26) Involve the whole family when prepping food. Make it enjoyable.

27) Be stubborn, treat every day as a new opportunity.

28) Don't hang out with negative F*&#^)) and energy suckers.

29) Remember to have fun!

30) Schedule in our workouts week by week

31) Clean out fridge and cupboards 

32) Check in / debrief with Mel, weekly or when needed.

33) Keep a diary to keep track of what works and what needs more focus

34) Revisit vision board

35) Set short term goals as well as long term goals

36) Stay positive 

37) Use the support group for strength and motivation 

May 2017 is bringing our biggest Transformation team yet! 

And it may be your last chance to change your body and lifestyle with Imani Fitness this year!

With face to face workshops, online webinars, lessons, support & our best team, we are looking for people who are ready to make change in their life. People who need to make change in their life. People who know they are destined for more, who understand healthy habits are the hard work behind long term results.

If you are ready to live inside your best body, if you are craving to feel better and function better and if you are ready to live to your fullest potential enquire NOW and tell us why you want to transform your body and lifestyle in 2017, and find out if you are eligible to join our team in May 2017.

Meal prep is a tool to save time and money and stress.

Please note: We focus on long term solutions. We do not focus on quick fixes, diets or fads. Our program is science based and we support the client to make lifestyle and habit changes that will help them live a healthier, happier life. Do not contact us if you are not willing to work hard.

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