03 May, 2017

5 reasons why you may not be getting the body shape results that you crave.

Mel Oliech

Most people think their body shape isn't changing, or they can not drop the extra body fat because they are eating too much and they need to exercise more. This is not always the case. We have found the following 5 reasons why some people are not achieving the body shape they crave.

1. You are trying too hard.

Your body shape will change when you are doing all the right things. We have been made to believe that we should achieve these huge results in 6 weeks, 12 weeks, cut out everything and go hard.

More times than often, people change too much at once, cut out too much food, do too much exercise and try and force a result to happen in a short amount of time. Only to be left burnt out, overwhelmed, inflamed and stressed out. The above can actually lead to an increase in body fat.

A body transformation should actually be completed with ease, yes hard work, but it should not feel like you are pushing shit up hill.

You can change this up by learning to listen to your inner voice, have fun and enjoy the journey, focus on small steps at a time, focus on what you can do, create a lifestyle rather than chasing a diet and going with the ebbs and flow of life rather than working against it.

2. You are counting calories and cutting out major food groups.

No long term body transformation will happen from cutting out major food groups and counting calories. You may get a quick result, but this result rarely lasts and more often than not people put this weight back on plus more. A body transformation is not achieved from depriving the body, it is achieved through healing the body, fuelling the body and creating a lifestyle and focusing on improving your metabolism (how you look, function and feel).

Your body will change when you are getting adequate nutrition in- think lots of colour, variety and make sure you are eating protein, carbs and fats.

3. You reason for improving your body shape and health is not clear.

Your reason why must be clear. Clarity on what you want to achieve and why is vital. Doing it for the wrong reasons will not lead to permanent change (and rather a big fat headache and pain).

Be honest with yourself on where you are at, your current habits and what you want to achieve. Don't hold back in fear, this will only short change your results.

4. You are focusing on the destination rather than enjoying the journey.

Yep, you heard it. You have to enjoy the process. You will never reach your destination unless you are enjoying the journey. If you understand that there really is no destination and it really is all about the journey, you are more likely to see changes.

5. Your self talk is negative and you are always putting yourself down.

Would you talk negatively to a child and expect them to flourish and grow into a happy, healthy and confident human being?


You are not your body and negative self talk is probably the main reason why you are the way you are today. Your body is always listening and responding to how you treat it.

Your body is a temple and you have to look after it and nourish it, otherwise it will not work for you. You do not have a right to a fully functioning body if you do not choose to look after it daily on all levels.

Would you love to change your body shape with a lifestyle that is a delicious pleasure rather than a boring chore?

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