02 Apr, 2017

Can you have your ice cream too?

Ronnie Oliech

Last week someone said to me, “I know you think alcohol is bad.”

And I replied “No I don’t.”

To that the response was, “Well Ronnie thinks it is bad.” And I replied, “No he doesn’t.”

It got me thinking how people judge us and also themselves. 

A lot of the time, Ronnie and I face comments like, “Do you even have a drink,” “Don’t look at my food, it’s bad, “I ate a salad last night,” or “Don’t tell Mel I ate some chips.”

I do drink, but there is a time and place for me to do that. 

I don’t give two hoots what you are eating or if you ate the chips and good on you if you ate the salad.

There is no such thing as bad or good food. There are only choices. And we make our choices based on our self awareness and priorities.

I like drinking with close friends and family, but I hate feeling like shit, so I choose to only drink when there is something great to celebrate in my life.

I love burgers, pizza, fries and ice cream but I know how they make me feel and look so I choose not to eat them everyday. They are a once a week thing, with people who I love.

I love building my business, but I know if I don’t look after myself I won’t be able to help my clients so I choose to look after me first.

I don’t judge you or anyone else. The only person who is judging you is you, and maybe that’s because you know you want to have the self discipline and habits to make a change. But you don’t.

A drink isn’t going to kill you, the burger isn’t going to make you fat and that salad ain’t going to make you healthy & ‘skinny.’ 

Your health, fitness & body will improve based on what you do on a daily basis. And your daily habits make it easy to tell the state of your mindset and health. No diet or extreme exercise program can out play your daily habits.

But of course it’s your choice. I hold no judgement over you because I hold no judgement over me. We are all human. Be impeccable with your word. 

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