08 Aug, 2016

Chicken and Corn Fat Burning Frittata

Ronnie Oliech

Food and eating should be celebrated. Too many people get caught in  the trap of counting calories, under eating and restricting food which creates a fat storing environment in their body. An environment which leaves you unconfident, self loathing & lacking energy.

Eating more of the right foods more often creates an environment in the body which promotes energy, fat burning and confidence.

Meals should be easy, quick and delicious, otherwise we are very likely to throw in the towel.

Here is an amazingly delicious recipe that you can add to your daily meals to help fuel your mind, body and create an environment in your body that you want to live in.


1 cup of egg whites

2 eggs (you can swap the egg whites for whole eggs if you wish)

500g of cooked chicken thigh or chicken breast

1 can of corn kernels

Your choices of herbs and spices/ rock salt and pepper


Beat/ mix the eggs and egg whites and then combine all of the ingredients together.

Pour onto a medium heat fry pan and cook until golden brown.

Cut into your serving size preference and enjoy with avocado and a serving of roasted vegetables!

Enjoy xx

Our next Transformation Team commences IN ONLY 2 WEEKS. 


We don't teach dieting, counting calories, judging your progress by scales, cutting calories to look lean and completing rigorous fitness schedules.

This will lead you to developing a metabolic profile that makes body composition improvement very difficult.

It's a recipe for disaster. Exercising a nutrient-deficient body only leads to greater deficiencies. Failing to match nutrition to your exercise is the reason many people plateau, lose motivation or simply can't sustain their program.

Would you like to change your body shape, mental health & life by training for 3% of your week, eating lots of delicious food and live a fulfilled life?


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