08 Mar, 2020

Dear high-achiever…

Mel Oliech

We see you.

We know who you are.

You’re the person who always strives so hard to achieve.

You’ve probably been labelled a high-achiever all your life.

You’ve probably achieved a lot of great things and maybe won awards and accolades.

But you’re exhausted.

The constant pressure to aim high and reach ALL of your goals is becoming too much.

You’re so afraid of failure, of disappointing yourself and those around you.

So you continue to keep pushing, harder and harder, even though you know you’re close to burnout.

We see you high-achiever.

We see how high you set your expectations.

We know that your history of achieving so much and working so hard is now working against you.

We know that your identity and self-worth is wrapped up in what you do, what you achieve, instead of who you are.

We know that unless you achieve something great, you feel worthless and lost.

We see you. And it’s okay.

You’re okay.

We know you have an incredibly high work ethic. Without it, you wouldn’t have achieved all you have in the past.

But we also know you’ve forgotten to look after yourself.

You’ve forgotten to look after your health, your relationships and your mental well-being.

We see you high-achiever and we know you’re capable of great things.

But we also see that you’re scared.

Scared that one day you’ll fail.

One day you’ll disappoint yourself.

But even worse, one day you’ll disappoint others.

And we know that without their approval, you’ll feel like nothing.

We see you high-achiever and we’re here to help you.

We’re here to help you see that you don’t have to keep achieving things to be loved.

That you’re enough as you are — even if you don’t achieve another thing.

But we know you will. It’s part of who you are.

Let us help you keep achieving, but let us help you learn to relax a bit.

Let us help you get rid of the pressure to succeed, and show you the joy that can be found in chasing your goals.

Let us help you see that you are worthy of love because of who you are, NOT because of what you do.

Let us help you fall in love with life again, and fall in love with yourself, without the constant pressure to achieve.

We can help you drop the perfectionist habits — the belief that you have to get things right all the time.

We can show you that it’s okay to make mistakes, and that making mistakes usually means more success.

We can help you stop comparing yourself all the time, wondering if you’re enough.

Because you are enough.

And we can show you that too.

So won’t you let us help you high-achiever?

Help you keep achieving, but even more importantly help you achieve more with less effort and less stress?

Help you see that you don’t need to achieve in order to be loved.

Help you see that you are already loved, and you’re already enough.

We’re here and we’re ready to help. Ready to help you soar to even greater heights.

We’re waiting for you high-achiever.

Love Mel and Ronnie

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