22 Sep, 2019

Find your ‘WHY’ to lose weight

Ronnie Oliech

If you’ve tried to lose weight before but never succeeded in keeping it off, then you probably haven’t worked out why you want to lose weight.

Of course, you want to look better, wear that dress, be healthier, feel better, and feel more confident. But why do you really want to lose the weight?


That’s okay, because we’re going to explain why it’s so important to understand why you really want to lose weight.

Why you need to find your WHY

Your WHY is more than the reason you say you want to lose weight. Your WHY is what will keep you going in tough times. Finding your WHY will mean you’ll:

  • be able to get out of bed and get to training, even on the days you don’t feel like it
  • choose to go for a walk instead of lazing on the couch
  • make time to do your food prep, even in the busy weeks
  • keep working to create new and better habits, no matter how long it will take
  • get out of your comfort zone and do things that scare you
  • keep looking for ways to grow and develop
  • put in the hard work, even when you don’t want to
  • avoid getting complacent
  • stop making excuses for why you can’t do things
  • be able to keep going, when all you want to do is give up.

Your WHY must be personal. It must be strong. And it must be bigger than you.

How do you find your WHY?

Finding your WHY takes time and work, but once you have it, everything becomes easier. You’ll have a new perspective on your body transformation journey, and you’ll begin to see value in things you never did before. You’ll also gain a kind of peace about losing weight, because you’ll see a purpose in the things you have to do. You’ll understand that there are deeper, more meaningful reasons to lose weight than to just look good.

But how do you find your WHY?

  1. You find your WHY by writing down everything you want to achieve or have, by losing weight. It can be anything. But write the list.

  1. With everything on your list, ask yourself why you want that. What will it give you? Why is that important? Write it down.

  1. With every answer you come up with, ask the same thing again. What will that give you? Why is it important?

  1. Keep asking, until you can’t ask the question anymore, and you’re left with a very deep, very personal reason.

What you’ll be left with, is a couple of key reasons WHY you’re doing this. And we guarantee, it will be deeper and more meaningful than ‘fitting into that dress for summer’.

How we helped one of our clients find their why

To help show you how to find your WHY, here’s an example of how we helped one of our clients discover her WHY. Once she found it, she had new clarity about what she wanted, and was more willing than ever to do what she needed to do, to transform her life.

This client listed 20 reasons why she wanted to change her life, but in this example, we’ll show you just four. These are her actual answers from doing this exercise.

What do I want from Transformation?

1.To lose weight

2. To be a good role model for my kids

3. To wear a size 12 comfortably

4. To be more confident

  1. Why do I want to lose weight?

So that… I don’t get sick with cancer or diabetes or some other illness (Why?)

So that… I don’t have to spend time and money in doctor’s rooms or in the hospital, or taking medication for the rest of my life (Why?)

So that… I can continue to be well as I get older and spend time and money on things that will give me pleasure (Why?)

So that… I can enjoy my retirement and do the things I want to do like travel or spending time with grandkids (Why?)

So that… I can be happy and free to do what I want to do (Why?)

So that… I don’t have to worry about dying early or dying a painful death (Why?)

So that… I don’t have to live a life of restriction due to bad health or lack of mobility (Why?)

So that… I’m not a burden on my kids’ lives because I am sick (Why?)

So that… They can live a fulfilling life without having to look after me (Why?)

So that… I don’t have to worry about my health or how it might impact my kids.

I want to be free from worry, and free from sickness

  1. Why do you want to be a good role model for your kids?

So that… I can stop parenting from the sidelines because I’m ashamed of how I look (Why?)

So that… I can have a good relationship with them and be involved in their lives (Why?)

So that… I can inspire them (Why?)

So that… I can show them they can do and be anything they want (Why?)

So that… they won’t be miserable and have to go through what I did (Why?)

So that… they can live a good life and do the things they want to do (Why?)

So that… I’ll never have to worry about them getting in with the wrong crowd, not being resilient, or not being able to stand up for themselves (Why?)

So that… they will live happy, fulfilled lives and will value how I helped them to achieve that (Why?)

So that… I will feel loved

I want to be loved and free from worrying about my kids

  1. Why do you want to wear a size 12 and feel great

So that… I can stop buying clothes that cover my body and finally wear the clothes I want to wear (Why?)

So that… I can feel confident in my own body (Why?)

So that… I can feel proud of myself (Why?)

So that… I can stop being afraid to be seen looking like I do (Why?)

So that… I can stop feeling embarrassed and ashamed and guilty for being overweight (Why?)

So that… I can attend social events feeling confident (Why?)

So that… People won’t look at me and think I’m overweight (Why?)

So that… I won’t be judged and talked about (Why?)

So that… I can be accepted and loved (Why?)

Because…I don’t accept and love myself

I want to love myself and be loved by others, and free to be myself

  1. Why do you want to be more confident?

So that… I can feel good about myself (Why?)

So that… I can enjoy social events, and not be afraid to be in photos (Why?)

So that… I can feel free to be myself without worrying about what other people think of me (Why?)

So that… I can deal with any situation without fear (Why?)

So that… I can be mentally strong (Why?)

So that… I don’t suffer from anxiety and depression (Why?)

So that… I can attract more positive people into my life (Why?)

So that… I can have a more successful business with better, higher-paying clients (Why?)

So that… my high-end clients will love me and keep coming back to me (Why?)

So that… I can have a business where I don’t have to work so hard but can make more money (Why?)

So that… I don’t have to worry about finances and can still provide everything my family needs (Why?)

So that… I am free to do the things I want to do, go to the places I want to go to, without any restrictions (Why?)

So that… I am free to live my life the way I want to live it (Why?)

I want to feel love and I want to be free to enjoy life and have financial freedom

In the example above, we helped our client nail down three primary reasons that losing weight is important to her. They are:

  1. To be loved — She wants to feel loved and accepted by her family, her friends and her clients. She also wants to love herself so that she doesn’t care about judgments other people may make.
  2. To exude love — She wants to love her life and all the things she does, love her kids and the experiences they’ll have, and love her clients, so she can love her business.
  3. To live a life of freedom — She wants freedom from worrying about her physical and mental health, or dying early, freedom to buy the clothes she’s always wanted to wear, freedom from worrying about her kids’ future, freedom to do the things she loves as she gets older, freedom from worrying about finances, and freedom to be herself.

Do you see how powerful this is with just 4 things? Remember, this client listed 20 reasons and kept asking herself ‘why?’ Now she has a strong and powerful WHY — to be loved, to exude love and live a life of freedom —that helps her keep working towards her goals, even when motivation is low.

Find your WHY to find your HOW

Losing weight and changing your body shape isn’t always easy. There are countless reasons why you’ll say you can’t do it.

  • I can’t afford it
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t know what to do
  • Nothing works for me
  • This is my natural body shape
  • I have an injury so I can’t exercise
  • I don’t have time to exercise
  • I’m not ready
  • I’m not a morning person
  • I’m too busy
  • Etc. etc.

But the reality is, if you know your WHY, you’ll find your HOW. And if you can’t find your HOW, your WHY isn’t strong enough.

Let that sink in for a minute.

If you know your WHY, you’ll find your HOW.

And if you can’t find your HOW, your WHY isn’t strong enough.

If you’ve been making excuses as to why you’re not doing what you need to do, or you’re quick to give up when things get tough, then you haven’t found your WHY.

Because when you find your WHY, you’ll find a way to make things happen.

If you want to lose weight but haven’t found your WHY, let us help you. At Imani Tribe, we keep asking our clients why they want what they say they want. We help them dig through the layers to get to the heart of why they want to make permanent change. And then we give them tools, strategies and guidance on how to make their weight loss or body transformation goals a reality.

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Oct 3, 2019 22:52

Great breakdown, thank you


Oct 3, 2019 05:23

Thank you. I thought I knew why I wanted to lose weight, but now I see that my reasons won't keep me going when it gets hard. This will help me find my 'why'

Wendy Palmer

Sep 22, 2019 10:56

Helpful breakdown of finding your why.<br/>

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