06 Feb, 2018

Fitness vs Fat Loss. Is there a difference?

Ronnie Oliech

Fitness vs. fat loss.

Did you know that Fitness doesn’t always result in fat loss. And often if it does, this fat loss is short lived.

For example there are lots of people who can cycle for 100km or run 5-10km but still have the same body fat % as when they started training. Often their body fat % increases too.

Why is this?

Did you know that the average adult loses 7kg of muscle and replaces it with 15kg of body fat in their lifespan.

Why would someone’s body fat % increase if they exercise most days & they eat healthy?

Most people’s perception of fat loss & healthy eating is wrong.

Restricting & limiting food is not healthy eating.

Actually most people don’t realise how much food they need to eat to lose body fat.

Pair this with aerobic exercise & instead of building muscle, we will lose muscle mass (especially if the number of Years you’ve been on this earth continues to increase, which is all of us unless your Benjamin Button) & this means the ever dreaded increase in body fat.

If you want to lose body fat & change your body shape, a program focused on running around & ‘getting fit’ is not the right solution.

It can be part of your plan, but be careful you’re not digging yourself a bigger hole.

Instead focused, intense resistance exercise is imperative & must be the focus on your program & the utilisation of intense cardio sessions at the right time is a must instead of steady state long distance aerobic based activities.

A lot of people say they love their cardio classes & running. And that’s cool, but if you want results, you need to do a little of what you love & a lot of what you have to do.

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