13 Mar, 2017

How to conquer the supermarket: Tips from the Imani Fitness Transformation Team.

Mel Oliech

A body shape and lifestyle transformation isn't about whether you eat healthy or not. 

It's about having the tools and habits to turn our intentions into a lifestyle. 

One of the tools you will need in your toolbox is how to conquer the supermarket.

Last week, our transformation team took on the supermarket and have put together these superman tips for you!

1. Where in the super market would you mostly find the egg whites? What are they next to?

Most of the time you will find the fresh egg whites in the fridge next to the eggs.

If you are lucky and your supermarket stocks them you can also find frozen egg whites in the freezer section next too the frozen berries and fruit.

2. If you were caught out with no food, what fastmeal could you make with ingredients from the super market, that requires no cooking? Make this as close as possible to an MP meal (quick and easy and balanced)

List the ingredients.

-Salad with meat from a roast chicken. This could be used for the next 2-3 meals. For the salad you could buy an avocado, tomato, lettuce/ spinach, olives, mushrooms and flax oil for the dressing.

You will also need to make sure you buy a plastic fork if you do not have one.

This would cost you around $15 and can serve 2-3 meals

-In the canned fish aisle, you can find a tuna and bean mix. It is a great serving size and it comes with a fork. This will cost you $3.70

Remember to buy a bottle of water if you do not have your won already.

A great example of an express meal can be found here.

Jackie's mango and chicken salad.

3. What are your favourite frozen fruit and it’s cost? Can you find these cheaper somewhere else?

Frozen fruit at Woolworths range between $10-$15 a kilo

You can buy 500g bags for $4.00

At Aldi, you can find 1kg of frozen fruit around $6.

Buying from local suppliers can also help you to buy organic if this is important to you.

To shed fat, eating lots of different colours and variety is important. Did you know that many people don’t make anymore than 7 food choices for the entire week? Read how to shed fat quick here

Post I.C.E. pancakes for fat loss.

4. What are your top 4 tips to conquering the super market?

Have a list

Shop to the list

Match your list to your meal plan.

Go shopping on a full stomach (eat before shopping)

5. List foods/ ingredients that you can save costs on?

eg. We buy home brand quick oats and they are $0.99 a 1kg bag.

Herbs and spices
Frozen veggies
Meat in bulk
Grains in bulk
Canned beans
Always buy in season and what is on special.
Beware of fancy marketing

6. What is your action step/ behaviour/mindset to stay away from your dreaded lolly aisle, alcohol store or most recent chip bargain?

Remove temptation and shop at a fruit and veggie or butcher.

Only shop around the outside of the supermarket

Practice discipline.

Find an alternative activity to do when you have triggers for them. Do not go to the shops.

Can you perfect a roast chicken with your eyes closed?

7. Compare the sugar and protein content of 5 different yogurts. List below and tell us which yogurt is your best option to get the best results out of you?

                               Sugar                Protein


Jalna                               10g                                     4.8g

Five am                           6g                                       4.8g

Tamara Valley                5.2g                                     5.3g

Farmers Union              5.2g                                      4.8g

Chobani                         3.3g                                   9.7g

*per 100g

8. Can you find flax oil and flax meal in a super market? Do you know of a place where you can get them at a better price?

You will mostly find it in the health food aisle. You can buy it from health food shops or from bulk suppliers for better prices and quality. Remember you do not cook with flax oil and it needs to be stored in the fridge

9. When is the best time of day for you to shop and why?

When you can is best. 

But also remember to shop after you have eaten if you are prone to giving in to temptations. Shopping late at night can allow you to take advantage of discounts and shopping when the shop is not busy can reduce stress and save time.

10. What is the best day of the week to shop and why?

When it’s best for you. Shop when you have time to do your shop and chop afterwards. Shop when you are not stressed or hungry. Shop when you can focus. Shop when you can enjoy it.

11. List 5 different seasonings/ salts that you can incorporate in your meals for flavour that won’t impact your goals? Why have you chosen these 5?

Vegeta stock
Curry powder
Rock salt
Himalayan salt
Onion flakes

Larissa's pizza for fat loss!

12. What is the price of salmon per kilo in the deli/ frozen and fresh packaged option? What is the best option for you to buy by cost? Can you find salmon at a better price somewhere else?

You can find frozen salmon at $25 a kilo, fresh salmon is usually $30 + a kilo.

13. What is better for you, fresh or frozen veggies? What works better for you? What veggies would you buy fresh and what would you buy frozen?

Fresh and frozen veggies are just as good as each other. It is an individual preference. You can find a great article on Fresh vs. frozen here.

Fresh is great to buy when they are in season. Frozen veggies are quick, easy and can help you get your veggies in when you are having a tough day.

To shed fat, eating lots of different colours and variety is important. Did you know that many people don’t make anymore than 7 food choices for the entire week? Read how to shed fat quick here

14. You have $50, what tips do you have to get the most out of your money?

-Make a list and stick to it: create a habit.

-Buy in bulk at Costco, markets or Aldi

-Use catalogues before shopping to find discounts.

-Plan your meals 

-Take note on what products are at great value and continue to purchase these.

Check out Pina's breakfast bowl. FDN!

One of the top tips to conquering the supermarket is having your shopping list and refining your shopping list every week or every month. Going into the supermarket without a list is a waste of time, money and energy.

Have you started a list? If not, make this an action task for this week.

Are you refining this list? If not make this an action task this week.

Do you know how much your weekly shop comes to and do you stick to this price every week? If not, take some time to find out.

Do you aim to get more out of your money each week/fortnight/month/every 12 weeks? 

If not, make this an action task this year.

Eg find bargains, look for better solutions local suppliers?

May 2017 is bringing our biggest Transformation team yet! 

And it may be your last chance to change your body and lifestyle with Imani Fitness this year!

With face to face workshops, online webinars, lessons, support & our best team, we are looking for people who are ready to make change in their life. People who need to make change in their life. People who know they are destined for more, who understand healthy habits are the hard work behind long term results.

If you are ready to live inside your best body, if you are craving to feel better and function better and if you are ready to live to your fullest potential enquire NOW and tell us why you want to transform your body and lifestyle in 2017, and find out if you are eligible to join our team in May 2017.

Please note: We focus on long term solutions. We do not focus on quick fixes, diets or fads. Our program is science based and we support the client to make lifestyle and habit changes that will help them live a healthier, happier life. Do not contact us if you are not willing to work hard.


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