20 Jul, 2017

June member of the month: Terry Ndulo

Ronnie Oliech

The member of the month for June is being awarded to Terry Ndulo. 

Ndush as we all know her, is an amazing asset to our Imani Tribe. She is consistent, focused, driven and isn't letting anything get in her way of looking after her. She has come so far since first stepping foot into Imani back in October and her transformation to date is brilliant.

Thank you for being a valuable member of our Tribe Ndush. We can't wait to celebrate every win with you and work through the struggles. We are excited to celebrate with you at the end of the year and watch you shine in your photo shoot.

Ndulo's stats:

  • Joined Imani Fitness in October 2016.
  • You will currently find her in our 6.30am F.I.R.E team and our I.C.E group.
  • Commenced her body and lifestyle transformation in May 2017
  • Working towards a photo shoot in November to celebrate her self love journey.
  • Jon's training partner.
  • 2 minute plank
  • 35kg bench press for 15 reps
  • 45kg deadlift for 15 reps

Ndulo's WHY (Imani) My why is to achieve self confidence and to learn to love what I see in the mirror, I now honestly don't want to look or feel the way I did 2 years ago, and I want to look great in anything I choose to wear.

Ndulo's desires for 2017

My desire for 2017 is to firstly finish of my 20's on a high, for me, this decade has been a crazy roller coaster ride, I didn't have control over my life and now I just want to be physically and mentally ready for my 30's where big things will be popping.

Ndulo's favourite achievement this year.

My favourite achievement this year, was to have managed to bring my parents over to visit and to have committed to invest in myself through IMANI.

Ndulo's hidden talents 

My hidden talents, I can lift one eyebrow at a time I can also move my nostrils 

What Ndulo loves about Imani Fitness.

I love the feeling of belonging at IMANI, the support and encouragement for everybody, the uniqueness of what and how we do things, the understanding that everybody shows you, I love the studio too.

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