11 May, 2017

Mel, I'm going away on holiday, how do I stay in shape and still enjoy myself?

Mel Oliech

Holidays are to be enjoyed. They are a time to relax, have fun, go on an adventure, learn something new and they are a great time for your body to burn fat.

Yes, that's right. Whenever I go away, my body goes into fat burning mode. But that is not the case for everyone. I often here about people who are worried that they are going to come back from their holiday heavier than they were before they left. In fact, it's like it's a given for many people. Or they don't enjoy their holiday because they place all of their energy on the fear around putting on weight.

So how can you burn more fat whilst on holiday?

1. Holidays are great for enjoying lots of different movement- swimming, beach running/walking, climbing mountains, cycling, surfing etc. It's a great way to see the place you are visiting.

2. Enjoy lots of yummy local produce, lots of colours and varieties and maintain getting your protein every 3 hours. If you can't get it in or don't please don't stress about it, it's not a massive deal. If you stress about what you are eating, you are more likely to overeat or binge rather than sitting in the moment and enjoying it.

3. Find some time to relax. Stress can lead us to holding onto unwanted fat. When we are relaxed our body may choose to burn fat.
4. Lift weights throughout the year. By following a structured weight training program consistently throughout the year, it doesn't really matter what you do for the 2-3 weeks whilst you are away. Focus on being consistent throughout the year rather than stressing about what you will do whilst you are on holidays. Lifting weights increases our metabolism which allows us to enjoy our holidays guilt free!

5. Relax and enjoy your holiday but still have your goals in site. Practice balance.

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