23 Oct, 2017

Member of the Month, Sammi!

Ronnie Oliech

Congratulations to our Member of the Month for September- Sammi De Paula.

Sammi is a very valuable member of Imani Fitness andhasshowed something quite special over the last 20 months- not giving up and consistency. And in that time Sam has achieved a lot!

One of our favourite Sammi achievements is, her inspiring her husband Paulo to get started on improving his health and self confidence. That was one goal she has been saying since our very first consult.

Sammi and Paulo with team Imani after an I.C.E workout

Sammi is invested to learning how to transform her body forever and achieve long term fat loss results giving her result the body and health that she truly craves.
Sam, what is your why?My Why: I do it for myself to feel sexy and beautiful inside and out, for my family and my children, to lead by example, to teach my children the valuable lesson of health, happiness and self love. To grow old with good health rid of chronic disease or premature death is so important to me.

Sammi and team Imani at the Transformation Awards evening.

Please tell us your goal for 2017:"My 2017 goal is to look sexy, confident and toned in a dress for transformation dinner that is out of my comfort zone."

Please tell us your long term goal?
"A long term goal: is Abs! And to successfully complete Tough Mudder."

What do you love about Imani?
"I love Imani as it’s my home, a safe place where I can be myself, do what I love and be around the most amazing people."

Sammi in her very first photoshoot.

Please tell us yourfavourite achievement to date?

"Oh my favourite achievement would be city to sea 5km run, photo shoot and muddy hell... I can’t just pick one. I never thought I could achieve any of what I have."

Sammi and Jess after muddy Hell With only 8 weeks to go to Christmas, it's a great time to get started & also sign up to our 2018 programs before November 15th and get our 2017 early bird rates.Save $$$$Contact us here to help you get started today!

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