30 Apr, 2017

Mexican Bowls.

Mel Oliech

Everyone loves a Mexican bowl!

This is a super easy recipe you can make with your family on a Friday night for a fun night in or Saturday morning for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Hey, why not make it everyday of the week!

The ingredients we used were:

-Can of black beans (you can use fresh if your prefer)

-Can of corn kernals

- 500g Turkey mince

-1 chopped Zucchini

-1 Red or yellow capsicum chopped

-Chopped tomato

-1 Avocado

-Pan fried Haloumi squares

What we did:

We sprayed a frying pan with canola oil and fried off the turkey mince. We added the chopped zucchini, capsicum and washed and drained black beans and corns and mixed together on the pan for another couple of minutes.

You could also add burrito seasoning to the mix here too.

Once the meat was all cooked we served our desired amount into each bowl and then served it with chopped tomatoes, grilled haloumi squares (grill your haloumi after you have finished cooking the turkey mix), avocado.

A nutritious, delicious and fun meal the whole family can enjoy. 

Remember our body craves nutrients. Feed it colour and variety often.

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