18 Sep, 2017

Sleep ins don't win medals or get body shape changes

Mel Oliech

A big congratulations to client Tanya Russell who represented Australia in the very first Womens Grid Iron team for Australia in Canada this year.

Two years ago, Tanya played her first Grid Iron game for Croydon Rangers and today she is an Australian Athlete.

Tanya started her journey in August 2014 with a body Transformation, which then led her to set goals which challenged her to push herself to her limits.

In 2014, Tanya developed the skills and tools to transform her body through proper, sustainable nutrition and training. check out her Transformation here

In 2015, Tanya played her first season of Women's Grid Iron.

In 2016, Tanya played in the Women's Victorian State team. Check out her achievements here.

In 2017, Tanya had the most amazing opportunity by representing Australian Grid Iron in Canada.

Tanya utilises the principles of Focused, Structured and progressive overload weight training, along with nutrient timingand precise nutrition to get the most out of her body. By doing less to achieve more, Tanya was able to stay on top of her recovery which means less injuries and burn out. More training means more recovery time. With a structured training and nutrition program, Tanya was able to manage her body along with 

Here are Tanya's top tips to achieving what you want.

1. Set a goal and work your ass off to get it. Sleep ins don’t win medals, nor do they get body changes or get that workout done.

2. Sometimes you have to grind. You still have to have that balance, but if your goal is high enough it will push you to your absolute limits.

The top 3 lessons that Tanya learnt along the way were:

1. Get out of your own way. Don't let your mindset sabotage your results.

2. There is always someone who knows more than you, so shut up and listen.

3. There are always people who will want to bring you down, but there will also be people who bring you up and support you. Manage where you place your energy and focus.

Find out more about Tanya.

Tanya's short term goals; as she heads into pre season she is working on any niggles that she's still got (eg shoulders), and rehabbing that. But also now that they're on a break from football, she is focusing on study and career a lot more.

Long term she has her eyes on the 2021 world games.

Outside of training she is a reservist in the Army, a PT, a volunteer at legal aid, and is studying a bachelor of laws. Outside of that she is doing the things that make her happy with the people that make her happy.

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