18 Sep, 2017

The impact that "I only had a few," has on your body shape

Mel Oliech

Do you know those people who train really hard & are always consistent but never get the results they are striving for or you don't see their body change?

Do you know why? 

Because nutrition is never about food. 

Nutrition is never about food but about what a person has grown up with, their beliefs, emotional connections, prior perceptions & experiences about what is “good”, “bad” or “unhealthy”, what is comfortable or normal.

Knowing is different to doing.  

Did you know that the words we use and the stories we tell have a powerful impact on our body shape?  
They can either create inner peace and results or a living hell. 

Let's go with something like this: You tell your trainer that you didn't have a drink, when honestly you did.In actual fact you had 6, but you told yourself you

Only Had A Few. 

Because you justified that those drinks don't matter, they are not what is not making you not lose weight. 

So the story is, you had 6 drinks, but you told yourself you only had a few and you told your trainer you didn't have any. Sound familiar? 
And because you omitted the truth once, you find yourself having to omit the truth again, again, a little more each time to stay on track with your story. 
And then you end up believing your story, not actually realising or aware the extent your story has on your body. Keep following... 

Our body is a reflection of what we tell ourselves and what we tell others. Our word can set us free or create a living hell. 

Did you know that our mind loves to forget the mistakes we make and it is human nature to not want to reveal the entire truth because we crave fitting in and being accepted?

When people sign up for a body & lifestyle transformation, they are signing up for accountability & to be told what isn't working for them & for what changes they need to make in order to achieve their body transformation. The devil is in the (food) detail and the ability to accurately record what you are doing and not doing. 

But most often, one of the problems that holds people back is they take everything personally.  
We get offended or think that we know what's best for ourselves so we prefer to just keep going on with our 'habit' and try & find a quick fix instead of working on the habit that is holding us back. 

Fat loss is consistent habits repeated over time. So is fat gain, so to reverse our problem, we need to change the things we have been doing that has got us to this point in the first place. Success leaves clues, so sometimes we have to get out of our own way and understand that if we want the results we need to do what needs to be done and not only what we are prepared to do.   
Be careful next time you tell yourself you only had a few, it might be what is holding you back.

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