24 Sep, 2018

Why Diets Don't Work.

Mel Oliech

Often in desperate attempts to get a solution to their nutritional problems, people look for a diet. They get a diet from a book, a magazine, a friend or even a dietitian. However 95% of diets fail out-right or people lapse back into their old ways within the first 12 months.


Because most diets fail to address “the golden triangle.” That is improve how we LOOK (body composition & shape), FUNCTION (how we perform everyday) & FEEL (health), all together.

Often they focus on just how you look but, of course without addressing the other two, any results are short lived.

Yes! Some might show you how to eat to enhance function or how you perform. Others address health.

However, most people really want to improve all three - Look, function & feel.

Nutrition is never about food but about what a person has grown up with, their beliefs, emotional connections, prior perceptions & experiences about what is “good”, “bad” or “unhealthy”, what is comfortable or normal.

Most people in a bid to loose weight cut calories & increase training.

So why do so many people never keep the results that they achieve? 

Isn’t cutting calories what you want to lose weight? Well, yes & no.

Yes! A slight drop in caloric intake in relation to caloric expenditure maybe required for weight loss, but a large decrease in caloric consumption is a recipe to disaster.

It can lead to decreased overall energy, increased frequency & intensity of cravings, & a host of hormonal fluctuations that leave you at a greater risk of abandoning your new eating habits.

In fact cutting calories drastically can actually result in greater weight gain instead of loss.

So eating less doesn’t equal weight loss & if you are replacing your old high calorie or fast food dinner with a healthier version, you may need to increase your portion sizes.

A great eating plan for success is not about simply avoiding bad foods & eating good foods, it’s about making sure the correct foods are consistently available at the right time because unless the right foods aren’t readily available at the right time, the best plan fails, despite all the best intentions.

A diet doesn’t teach & develop good habits, skills & strategies that ensure the correct foods are consistently available at the right time

In fact diet alone is only a small part of the problem. The real solution is creating a new normal. I.e To ensure success, the old normal must be systematically replaced with a new sense of what is normal. Creating a new normal that ensures the correct foods a are consistently available at the right time is the only way to creat a long lasting, positive change.

Unlike a diet our program is a holistic approach that creates a life changing process. Our program systematically develops the knowledge, skills & strategies that ensure the correct choices are made at the right time & the right foods are readily available at the right time. The best environment possible is systematically created to ensure success, while providing all the support you will ever need.

If you’re ready to stop the dieting roundabout and learn how to change your lifestyle to get the body you want, you’re in luck.

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