06 Feb, 2018

Your weekend can either be your friend or your foe.

Ronnie Oliech

The weekends can either be your friend or foe.

Here’s how alcohol affects your body transformation.

❎How alcohol affects your body transformation.

Because Your liver will be working harder to get rid of the toxic by-products of alcohol that it won’t be able to clear out the lactic acid you produce when you exercise you will always feel like you are lacking your usual strength & feline grace in the middle of your gym routines.

❎Reduced Muscle Growth.

Alcohol impairs the process of protein synthesis, which can interfere with your ability to grow and maintain muscle. It can also drop testosterone levels while increasing cortisol, a hormone that destroys muscle. So if you love doing weights at the gym, you might not see results as fast as you would like.

❎The Calorie Load.

FACT! Many alcoholic beverages are high in sugar, which means they are calorie dense especially if you are mixing it with juices or energy drinks. Even a few glasses of wine can give you a sugar overload.

So if you are intent on building a sexy body, you may want to rethink your drinking habits.

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