We are experts at simplifying body transformations and solving all the problems why people fail to achieve the body of their dreams like..


Too often people read advanced programmes and despite never having trained before, think you need to eat nothing but chicken and broccoli and train 2 hours a day in order to lose fat. It simply isn't the case.


You can stick to a diet and training plan for 2 weeks, but ultimately you don't see instant results and then switch to something else or give up.


You follow your diet for 4 days a week, then fall off for 3 at the weekend and get disheartened when you don't reach your goals. (consistency trumps intensity)


Who should you trust? It seems "experts" don't agree most of the time. With the latest fad promising crazy results, it seems impossible to wade through the confusing and conflicting advice out there.


You’ve seen an impressive six pack or perky glutes on Instagram and you think about signing up to their super-duper online training course. If you’ve done that and you’re happy with the service, then you can join a very small group of people.

The one-woman/ man bands of online fitness are notoriously unreliable and usually all that you get is a copy and paste plan that’s fit for no one.

At Imani Fitness, we really are different because we only work with a handful of people every year so you are just not another number & we promise to help you make the hard choices that you have avoided your whole life hence being here, you don’t have to hope that you get a great service, you can expect a great service.

Unlike a diet, our program is a complete process that constructs the correct environment for permanent change & removes the limiting factor that prevents success by giving you knowledge, systems, tools & skills - solutions for any situation, every single day.

What is the price range?

Our Premium Body & Lifestyle Transformation Program is an investment & we understand that it’s not for everyone but ONLY for the handful few, who are ready & willing to invest into changing their life physically, emotionally & financially. Because we have invested a lot of our love, energy & time into creating an incredible & supportive culture of like minded people which is invaluable for your success.

I’m interested in joining but I live interstate or overseas, can I be a member from anywhere in the world?

Yes! Our programs are designed to be offered both on-line & face to face & no matter where you are, we deliver maximum results in minimum time.

While we offer Face to Face programs we also offer our VIP transformation program fully online.

With incredible support, cutting edge science based training programs and nutrition as well as unlimited access to our transformation experts.

Is online personal training for me?

If you need trusted and accountable advisors to cut through all the confusion and get you results fast, while teaching you skills so that you keep hold of your hard work for life - online training from Imani tribe could be for you.


Our program contains diet advice and tips helping you build a sustainable meal plan for yourself over the long term.

Access to incrementally challenging, cutting edge training programs.

Specific advice for you based on each phase of your journey via our online portal and accountability from our secret Facebook support group.

Access to exclusive videos showing you how to perform each exercise in a safe and effective way. (You’d be surprised how many experienced fitness people waste time and effort not working out properly).

Benefits of online

Nutritional Consultation & Audit

We ask every new client to keep a food diary of exactly what is consumed during the preceding week. This way we can accurately conduct a full scale audit of dietary habits and make positive changes that are particular to how you eat.

We are also very careful to integrate your nutritional plan within your existing lifestyle. Our view is that the word “diet” is a misnomer, and our main concern is putting you on the right track to create enduringly healthy eating habits.

Depending upon the client and the goals, we also map out a full scale supplementation programme that includes every possible permutation of what food supplements a client could take to their enhance their progress.

Bespoke Exercise Program

This includes a full 12 weeks of workouts, from resistance training to cardio and active rest sessions. You complete our detailed assessment and appraisal forms where we learn not just the hard facts of your previous exercise experience and medical history, but also seek to understand exactly what motivates you in the pursuit of your own unique physical excellence.

We write up a fully personalised periodised training programme for you encompassing every aspect of exercise science that will allow you to achieve your goals in the swiftest possible time.

Every workout for the whole 12 months is planned out – right down to load (weight), repetitions (that in some cases we will deliberately vary from workout to workout), and rest intervals. This way we can accurately predict your progress, and eliminate the need for any guesswork on your part.

Unlimited Access to 2 transformation experts.

This unique offering is the same as having us coaching you in person with two distinct differences:

1) You MUST be accountable to get the most out of this. Without the benefit of our one to one in person coaching you will need to be dedicated, disciplined, and focused. Anything less and you will be wasting your money and our time.

2) You get the benefit of our online coaching expertise, and do not underestimate the power and usefulness of having a transformation expert at your disposal.



Can I just do FIRE & ICE without going through the transformation program?

Our holistic transformation program is a prerequisite for all our training programs.

What are the training times for face to face membership?

For our face to face members, we optimise early training times.

We have limited training times only in the morning because this is when we have the least amount of excuses & this creates a powerful morning routine which sets us up for our day.

FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise)

Monday & Thursday - 5am, 5.45am or 6.30am.

ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise)

Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday - 6am

Where can I join the FREE IMANI TRIBE COMMUNITY support group to learn more about IMANI?

To learn more about our community please request to join our group here

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