I have been with the Imani Tribe Transformation for over 15 months, doing both their online transformation program and PT mentorship program. Mel & Ronnie know what they are doing. They are thoughtful, dedicated, passionate, empathic super-coaches & educators. They work hard to ensure their clients feel seen, heard, and taken care of. They give their time and attention generously, are joyous and passionate about what they do, and genuinely connects with people. Their excellent mix of knowledge, structure, innovation, implementation, and ability to connect make for the ideal coaching experience, be it personal coaching or PT business mentorship. Without Mel & Ronnie, my body and PT business wouldn’t be where they are today. If you're looking for help with your fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, and/ or PT business mentoring, look no further because you'd be hard-pressed to find not just one but two, more caring, committed, and courageous coaches.

Edwina Ewins
Over 15 months of online Transformation and PT business mentorship

I absolutely love my Tribe...we are so lucky to have the support and commitment of Mel and Ronnie who help us to be the best version of ourselves. Imani is not a gym it’s a will never look back. My husband Rodg and I are thriving on creating new habits that will last us a lifetime. It’s a great community with like-minded people. Just do it!

Jo Sharpe

Transform Your Life - Not Just Your Body.

We show you how to be confident so you can have the life you deserve

Being confident often comes down to feeling comfortable in your skin.

If you’re overweight, or don’t like the body you have, chances are your confidence is suffering. If this is the case, you’re probably not doing the things you really want to do.

If you want to finally break free from fear and live life to its true potential AND have the body of your dreams without dieting and wasting time at the gym, here’s your chance….

Lose the weight you haven’t been able to shed for years and keep it off forever without the pain of dieting & exercise taking over your life.

On Tuesday, February 10, 2019, we’re accepting a small number of new coaching clients. Join the free priority list now — You’ll get the first opportunity to take advantage of any available spots and save up to 15% off the general price. Our program intake only happens twice a year and often sells out in hours due to high demand and limited spots — because we give our members the personal care and attention they deserve. But if you join our priority list, you won't have to wait until the program opens.

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Confidence Avalanche Academy (Body & Lifestyle Transformation Program)

Available worldwide

Our premium program involves a 12-month commitment as it’s designed to deliver the results you want, while solving the problems you’re currently grappling with.

Delivered face-to-face or online, our Body & Lifestyle Transformation Program involves online nutrition, bespoke exercise program, and access to 2 transformation experts.

This is the program that will transform your entire life — your habits, mindset, and your body.


PT Business Coaching mentorship

Do you want to build your ultimate fitness business and live a life of freedom?

Helping personal trainers, fitness professionals, coaches and studio owners attract high-end clients and build a tribe of raving fans to create a business that is not only wildly profitable but also allows them the freedom to take some time off and spend more time living.

Whether you are launching a business, growing a business or running a business

We understand that the fitness industry can be highly competitive and overwhelming. It’s easy to fall into the trap of working harder. Working longer and longer hours to gain new clients while trying to retain the ones you’ve got.

But this is not sustainable because you end up giving everything to your clients and your business, with nothing left for yourself.

Wouldn’t you like a different approach? Wouldn’t you like to work less hours, but work with high-end clients? Wouldn’t you like to retain those clients and turn them into raving fans, who help build your client-base for you?

You can! We’ll teach you how to build a thriving community, increase your profitability, work less hours, and improve your overall health and happiness.


I am a 46 year old man that 7 months ago was not feeling as good and as in control as I am today!!!!! A big thank you to Ronnie Oliech and Mel Cook at Imanifit. You can learn an amazing way to review your thoughts, actions and what you are currently doing to your self at I joined Imani in July 2018 and am loving the experience. I am learning new ways of training myself in all aspects of life balance and health, I love teaching my kids these new techniques. Ron & Mel thanks heaps for what you are teaching me, I am implementing what I have learnt so far and will continue to learn from you on my journey through my life.

Mark Leonard

Before joining Imani I had lost all my confidence. I just kept using the excuse of being a busy working mum and couldn’t find time to exercise. Imani has changed all of that. I can’t wait to get to training in the mornings, I love working hard and feeling strong again and I have started to regain my confidence and self belief. Mel and Ronnie are incredibly knowledgeable and in tune with every member’s needs. They create such a welcoming and supportive environment, are always there to answer any questions, support and celebrate every member. Don’t wait any longer, check them out, you won’t regret it!

Megan Scholz

Have been with Imani Tribe for over 2 years, I started because I wasn’t happy with where I was physically, emotionally and mentally and wanted to find a permanent solution and not a quick fix. Fast forward 2 years later.. I am not not only in the best shape of my life but I have also replaced my sabotaging habits with new good habits, I have improved my self belief and continue to work on it but my biggest of all is that I have cured my IBS. Mel and Ronnie are authentic and passionate and go far and beyond for everyone of us and they are more than trainers to me but role models who I look up to and aspire to. Imani Tribe body and lifestyle transformation program is not a gimmick, it focuses on giving you skills and tools to overcome your hard days therefore guarantees consistency and long term results. I could not recommend Imani Tribe enough

Kayla Biondo

When I started at Imani I didn’t know who I was anymore, I had no direction, no goals, no drive, no passion, I had given up on myself. Since I’ve started training with Mel and Ronnie I have learnt how to deal with what I am feeling, I have learnt that if we fall down we just stand back up and keep on going. We only fail when we stop getting back up. My goals are to be better that I was yesterday. Each day I strive to be a better person than I was yesterday. I feel blessed to have met everyone in my new tribe, a place free of judgement and full of acceptance. Thank you

Naomi Schnoor




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FIRE (Focused Intense Resistance Exercise)


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Confidence Avalanche Academy (Body & Lifestyle Transformations)

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Your Online Coach

Transforming Your Life - Not Just Your Body.

Imani Tribe PT Business Coaching Mentorship

Our PT Business Coaching Mentorship is not offered as a standalone service, our Confidence Avalanche Academy Body and Lifestyle Transformation Program is a prerequisite.

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Thank you Mel, Ronnie and my Imani tribe. I love your motivation and support. It is a “safe” environment for the transformation journey and you are always available to answer questions, offer suggestions or ways around any stumbling blocks we may encounter. The sessions are always happy! Love training and MP online.

Kelly Gersh

It’s been 12 weeks since I joined Imani and in that time I have lost 16 cms from my body, but best of all I am feeling amazing. What Imani offer is unique as you not only get 2 personal trainers working with you helping and ensuring you get the best from your workout, but you also train with an amazing and like minded team of people offering encouragement and support. Many of us are on the same journey but I have never been part of a group/team that dare I say makes training enjoyable and fun !!! By joining you have nothing to lose but so much to gain. Mel and Ronnie have truly created an environment where succeeding is not just a dream but a reality.

Janina White
12 weeks at Imani