Transformation- Nutrition, habit change and mindset, F.I.R.E & I.C.E

I've been going to IMANI for years now and its been one of the best decision I've ever made. Investing in myself changed me into a healthier, happier person. The trainers at IMANI are superb at what they do. They listen and tackle your specific needs. I've learned to build good habits that have transformed my body and will last a lifetime. The atmosphere at IMANI is very supportive and the training sessions are heaps of fun.

Andrew Lewis


This is the best option if you live in Melbourne and want the ULTIMATE experience. You get:

  • 2 x F.I.R.E the body shaper workouts a week for 40 weeks (80 sessions).
  • Access to 3 I.C.E cardio sessions a week where we will coach you on how many to do a week.
  • 4 x Customised, research proven 12 week transformation programs that get results.
    • Discover your Metabolic Classification
    • Get results without counting calories or following a diet
    • Learn the 7 steps to success in any fitness related goal
    • How to eat to fast track success and make food work for you
    • Construct delicious metabolically precise meals in less than 10 minutes
    • Couture the entire plan to suit your needs in every way
    • Avoid the biggest mistakes everyone makes
    • Progress photo and tracking.
    • Plus everything on our Holistic Body & Lifestyle Transformation ( Team #confidenceavalanche )
  • Plus the Exclusive MP GOLD EDITION Manual
    • Metabolic Nutrition
    • Metabolic Priming
    • How to create FAST Delicious Nutritious
    • The 10 point exercise system.
    • The cookbible & DVD plus online version
    • Members access to a complete resource databse
    • The transformation audio library - learn at your own pace
    • A series of videos
    • The chance to win thousands of $$$$ in cash for your transformation.

Bottom line:

  • Customised, research proven exercise programming that changes body shape
  • Tailored nutritional guidance that speeds results from every workout
  • A much better service and value.

What if you could stop hiding in fear and have the confidence to live life to its full potential? What if you could finally have the body of your dreams without unsustainable diets and countless hours working out?





Imani is a transformation studio, not a gym! It is for people who are ready to invest in their health and change their lives one poor habit at a time. It is for people looking to make changes that will last a lifetime, not a season or 6 week period. It is for people who want to learn how to analyse their behaviours and habits, especially those which do not work for them, so that they can change and grow into a better version of themselves. This journey is not for everyone, you must be open to being coached, you must be ready to change and you must be willing to delve deep into psychological and emotional blocks that are not serving you, those that usually lead to self sabotage behaviours. Food and exercise is only a small part of the journey. Changing your mindset is what Imani is all about, not how much you can lift or how fast you can run, it is about psychological change that will help you in all facets of life, not only health and fitness. This journey has changed me in ways I didn’t think possible over the past year. I am stronger mentally, I’m not afraid to say no, I am prioritising myself so that I can be a better practitioner, friend, daughter, sister and Aunty. I have more energy than I knew possible and I know what I want. If you think this sounds like something you’re ready for then get in touch with Mel and Ronnie because they are the real deal and will be able to coach you to greatness... but only if you’re truly ready.

Michelle McLean

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