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Find out why you've struggled to lose weight, and what you need to do to lose weight AND keep it off.

Welcome to our personalised coaching calls

You're here because you want to change something, right? Your exercise program isn't getting you where you want to be. You are not sure how to eat to lose weight. You want more energy and to feel confident in the way your clothes fit. You want to have toned muscles and feel strong and capable. Maybe all of the above!

How it works.

Individual clients have a comprehensive initial consultation followed by a series of subsequent consultations, depending on the client’s needs.

Initial consultations typically last one hour and involve understanding the client’s relevant history, current situation, and goals for the coaching call consults through an interview with the coach (this may or may not be accompanied by a an online questionnaire). Subsequent consultations typically last 45 minutes and are done in a personalised, systematic, and flexible way agreed upon by the client and their coach.

What is a Comprehensive report?

A comprehensive report is a well presented, personalised action plan outlining where you are, why you're stuck, along with a clear and easy-to-understand detailed road map of what you need to do to overcome the obstacles that are derailing your progres.

We will provide you with a personalised action plan at the end of your consult and this plan will be updated accordingly, with every consult, according to where you're at and the progress you have made.

Our packages

One off Initial Consultation (1hr) - $147


One off Initial Consultation plus comprehensive report (1hr) - $197


One off Subsequent Consultation (50 min) - $97


One off Subsequent Consultation plus comprehensive report (50 min) - $147


Bundles without reports: 3 consults pay $297 instead of $438 (save $44)


Bundles with reports: 3 consults plus comprehensive report $397 instead of $491 (Save $94)


Not sure of your availability? You can purchase your package below, then we will send you our calendar when you are ready for the consult.

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We can't wait to meet you.

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