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More exercise seldom leads to weight loss. This explains why obesity is at an all-time high despite the increased number of gyms or the number of people who exercise. It also explains why there are many people who can’t lose weight despite going to the gym regularly year in, year out.

While exercise is important, it doesn’t address the reasons you became overweight in the first place — your habits. That’s why, even with the best exercise program in the world, you won’t lose weight and keep it off.

Exercising and ignoring your habits is like driving a car with a faulty engine. Yes, you may be able to drive it but you’re only creating bigger problems by doing so.

The Imani Tribe Transformations myPersonalised eCoaching program is designed to bridge the gap between exercise and long-term results by helping you master your habits, including those around exercise.

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Plus you get 12 months’ worth of value condensed into 6 weeks.

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