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When you’re starting out, all you can do is survive. You work harder than you ever thought possible. That survival mechanism is an advantage at first. But as you work harder and sacrifice more to reach each new milestone, that becomes all you know — it becomes wrapped up in your identity, but it’s not sustainable

We can not pour from an empty cup.

We cannot reach our full potential if we aren’t healthy & burnt out. You eventually become a cost to your business.

Our culture has glorified the hustle, so we feel like something is missing unless we’re working ourselves to death. We think this is the cost of admission to be successful, but that’s false.

We believe less is more, you can achieve more by doing less with more focus instead of doing more with less focus.

Do you want a business structure & support that will make sure that your PT business is sustainable for you?

Mel Cook- MP Mentor-PT Business Coaching Mentorship

I know first hand how overwhelming being in this industry can be. Sometimes you feel like your're failing, sometimes you feel like you're not good enough, sometimes you don't know what the next step is and sometimes you are doing so well you just want to have people to celebrate your wins with.

Want to be a part of the Imani Trainers Tribe to develop the confidence, focus and support to become the inspirational trainer you dream of being?

Are you lacking the confidence, self belief and direction to implement the MP business transformation systems?

Are you a new MP transformation specialist and are scared to take the next step?

Or have you been an MP transformation specialist for a while but can't seem to get it right and worry about what you are doing wrong?

Do you need an expert to be accountable to?

The MP Believe and Achieve program gives you the confidence, direction & self belief to build the business, body & life that you dream of.

With the MP Believe and Achieve program you will:

  • Increase annual income & stress less knowing you have a stable income.
  • Complete your very own eye grabbing transformation & story.
  • Increase client retention.
  • Develop the confidence and self belief to develop a work/life balance.
  • Get your time & freedom back to do the things you want.
  • Get fantastic results for your clients.
  • Chase goals and dreams you never thought you would be able to achieve in business and in life

Lisa Macdonald- level 4 MP Transformation Specialist, 3rd medal receiver in her first Body building Comp 2015.

"I faced a fear to achieve a massive goal for myself which has helped my business grow enormously."

Anna Quach- Level 4 MP Transformation Specialist, mum and owner of Citrus Fitness.

"I have time to eat, train, socialise, and do things I enjoy. I now have freedom."

Vicki Paterson, Owner & director of Vic Fit Factory, level 4 MP transformation specialist and mother to a puppy named Romeo.

"I highly recommend Mel and her mentoring to anyone who wants a serious career in the fitness industry."

Do you want a business structure & support that will make sure that your PT business is sustainable for you?

Join our Imani Trainers Tribe.

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