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Hayley's Story

In 12 Weeks, Hayley lost 5cm from her chest and shoulders, 8cm from her hips, 3.5cm from her waist, 3cm from her belly button and 6kg on the scales!

Hayley, a mother of two has made herself and her little family proud. She has learnt that it is important to put herself first and by doing this she will be a happier mother and person.

This is often very difficult for mothers to do, so a very well done Hayley!

Check out her amazing results! In 12 Weeks, Hayley lost:

5cm from her chest and shoulders

8cm from her hips

3.5cm from her waist

3cm from her belly button.

She also lost 6kg on the scales and is continuing her health journey to discover more about herself, completing her first 10km race just a few weeks ago!

Hayley's biggest support and fan was her sister Kelly who also trains at Run With Life.

Congratulations Hayley, the new smile on your face is priceless!

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