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Kelly's Story

My only tip is that no one can improve your lifestyle but yourself. I hear so many people say "I'll start tomorrow" or "I'll come to running crew one day" - bite the bullet, coz there is no better day than today and the only thing holding you back is yourself!"

In 12 Weeks, Kelly dropped 8% in body fat, 2.9kg increase in lean muscle mass!

In 12 weeks Kelly has done 2 x FIRE sessions a week and ICE.

She has smashed so many goals with the most important being improved confidence and self esteem.

She also smashed her 10km time, lost 5.8% body fat, dropped 5.5kg on the scales, maintained her muscle mass whilst endurance running training! 
She can now deadlift 60kg and squat 65kg - over her body weight.

She is proud of herself and knows how to eat a metabolic precise meal.

No more comfort eating for her, now she can enjoy a meal out, dessert without any guilt.

In her second MP Challenge, Kelly completed 3 x FIRE sessions per week as well as ICE and endurance running training and maintained 100% compliance to her nutrition and training. As a result, she dropped a further 8% in body fat, 2.9kg increase in lean muscle mass, 1 un-assisted chin up, 183% increase in squat weight, 170% increase in dead lift weight, can now do push ups her toes as well some amazing enduance running results!

And the most important part is Kelly is happy. Read about her story here.

"Learning MP with Mel has been a complete lifestyle change, but one I don't regret for a second! I couldn't recommend it highly enough! It can be daunting to begin with, but if you commit to the best of your abilities you can't not succeed. The FIRE sessions gave me so much confidence and trust in myself and there is no better way to get results.And the running crew is the best group of people - always encouraging, supportive, fun and social. There's no expectation or pressured competitiveness, it's all about making sure we all work together to achieve individual goals and giving each other a pat on the back if we do something great - whether that be run a marathon or just 100m. I'd also tell others to not be shy, as they will be welcomed with open arms!I am much more confident with my appearance but also within myself. At the beginning I was almost embarrassed to admit that I wanted to change my lifestyle but now I want to tell the world! I'm more outgoing and upfront with friends, new people I meet and at work.

My self belief has soared since starting MP. I never thought I'd be able to do the weights I can, run as far as I can, push myself as far as I can - I now believe there is actually nothing I can't do!

I feel empowered with knowledge. I understand what my body needs and when, I understand how far I can push myself, I know how to listen to my body and use certain muscles over others. The nutrition knowledge is the most simple, yet the most empowering. 

I feel strong both physically and mentally. I've always been somewhat afraid of not being mentally tough, which I think was evident in that I never succeeded before. But I've learnt to focus and and as I like to say "keep my eyes on the prize".

There was no greater test of resilience that my Melbourne Marathon run. Overall it felt awful, mentally, physically and emotionally - but I couldn't be prouder that I didn't give up. 

I feel like I have endless energy, am always awake and never drained. I have a busy life purely through choice (work that requires over time at times, part time study, basketball, MP, personal training, running crew and then the usual social activities like spending time with friends and family) but I never feel like I'm struggling for energy and instead bounce out of bed every day!

As I've mentioned I've always been afraid of not being mentally tough, perhaps because depression has affected so many of those close to me. I think I've realised over the past couple of weeks that my goal in my lifestyle change wasn't necessarily physical transformation, but a mental one so that I could prove to myself that I can avoid feelings of negativity in life. I've always been a positive person, but now i look back I think that was external perception more than internal feeling. Now I have both and will do everything I can to maintain that."

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