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Mark Leonard's Story

"I am now going to live to see my grandkids and they are going to see me! I am walking the earth as a new man."

It was 2017, I had just lost my dad and my rheumatoid arthritis was playing havoc. I was massively overweight, lost, angry, tired and lonely. This compromised my mental health and I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. My psychologist recommended for medication, but I found Imani instead.

It was what I needed, but little did I know how much was there for me to learn, how was I to know?

I was welcomed by Mel & Ronnie and the Imani group and this has changed my life. The ripple effect through my family is huge.

I am now going to live to see my grandkids and they are going to see me!

My family know what I have learnt at Imani because I have made this lifestyle a normal way of life. 

I am on this journey for life. My wife has joined me at Imani and we are a power couple. Our kids have taken on our new habits and I will continue to push myself and others to understand where I am and where I am going on my life journey.

I have SELF BELIEF it is my KEY STONE habit and everything else I do are habits built through doing the work. They are all the stones in my arch supporting each other but impossible to last without my KEY STONE habit.

This arch is the door to my life, a life a share and enjoy with my family & friends, the ripple of my new journey will forever be a legacy in my family. I am teaching them what I have learnt and continuing to learn, I have signed up for another year of transformation and I cant wait to see the compounding effect.

I am walking the earth as a new man.

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